The March 2019 Passive Income Report

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends!

In March 2019, the passive income experiment has continued to rely entirely on dividends. It was the best month ever and I’m officially hooked on continuing the experiment.

The total amount of dividend income $272.92. That’s almost double the $149.11 earned in December, just 3 months prior.

$18.05 from PFF, the second best month it has produced. $40.97 from PGX, the best month ever from PGX. $56.85 from SCHD, more than twice as much as it’s ever returned. $119.99 from SPYD, more than double than it’s ever yielded for me. $11.73 from VYM. $25.33 from Money market funds that are a cash reserve.

The exciting thing is that that the first dividend ETFs were purchased in March of last year, so this represents the end of a full year.

Going forward, the experiment will probably receive less money each month. My job should be offering a 401k soon so I’ll have a more tax efficient investment account but likely will see fewer options. Additionally, I’ll be buying a house sooner than expected so I’ll have less free cash for a few months as I expect to carry the current place and the new place for several months.

March was awesome. I’m super excited for what the future will bring with this experiment as we’ll have more data to analyze going forward.