The June 2019 Passive Income Report

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends!

June 2019 was the most profitable month in this now 14 month old experiment.

June 2018 versus June 2019

June 2018June 2019
Portfolio Value$8,131.34$57,209.94
PFF Dividend$11.10$26.34
PGX Dividend$1.55$49.52
SCHD Dividend$22.35$0.00
SPYD Dividend$25.20$198.96
VYM Dividend$0.00$16.33
Money Market Interest$0.00$23.85
Total Dividends$60.20$315.00

Obvious Differences

Obvious differences between June 2018 and June 2019: 1) there is about 49k more in the portfolio in 2019; 2) VYM has been added to the portfolio; 3) the money market fund was added to the portfolio; and 4) there was no SCHD dividend income listed in 2019.

The first three are natural developments relating the growth. The last difference was unusual because SCHD actually paid its dividend on July 1, 2019, which takes it out of this report.


June 2019 yielded more than five times the dividend income than a year a before and more than forty dollars more than any prior month.

PGX’s dividend bought 3.38 more shares of itself. SPYD’s dividend bought 5.29 more shares of itself. PFF’s dividend bought .71 more shares of itself. VYM’s dividend bought .18 more shares of itself.

The Takeaway

The effect of compounding is really starting to show itself as the dividends purchase more shares, which results in more dividends buying more shares. I have to assume that when the portfolio reaches a few hundred thousand that compounding will become an enormous factor for growth.