The July 2019 Passive Income Report

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends! July was yet another big month for the Passive Income experiment.

July 2018 versus 2019

July 2018July 2019
Portfolio Value$12,738.62$58,503.31
PFF Dividend$11.16$25.59
PGX Dividend$5.95$50.51
SCHD Dividend$0.00$74.33
SPYD Dividend$0.00$0.00
VYM Dividend$0.00$0.00
Money Market Interest$0.00$23.84
Total Dividends$17.11$174.27

The effects of compounding are probably becoming noticeable to all as every month is at or about a record breaker in terms of dividend income. The portfolio is about five times larger than it was in 2018, but the dividends were 10 times as much.

July 2019 was the highest paying non quarterly dividend month ever. In fact, it’s more than the portfolio produced during quarters in 2018

I’m not really buying more funds that have monthly dividends at the moment. I’m focused increasing the diversified funds that pay quarterly dividends (SPYD, SCHD, VYM). The growth on the monthly dividends is from Reinvesting dividends and compounding.

I’m going to continue emphasizing this. Dividend investing seems to be very much about how each report makes you feel like there is progress. There is a fair bit of data showing better returns from just ordinary index investing. For me, this portion of my holding is about the feeling or progress. There is a monthly morale boost that ordinary index funds don’t really provide me. Also, it’s really fun to track dividends.

All in all, July 2019 a good month.