The January 2019 Passive Income Report

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends!

In January 2019, the passive income experiment has continued to rely entirely on dividends. Despite doing no work whatsoever, January produced $48.15 in passive income.

Almost all of the income, $39.63, came from PGX, which I’m holding off on buying more of for a bit because it’s above my asset allocation. However, it still remains the biggest fixture of my monthly dividend income production. The other major holdings produce quarterly dividends.

The remaining dividend income came from a small new acquisition in VYM, a Vanguard dividend ETF, and money market interest from a small sum of money that has not yet been deployed.

The plan is to continue buying dividend ETFs that are diversified like SPYD, SCHD, and VYM until my asset allocation is back in sync with my overall investment plan.

Despite the fact that virtually nothing in my portfolio pays a dividend in January, it’s the most the portfolio has ever paid out on a non quarter ending month. Each monthly dividend payout has been better than the prior month so that wasn’t altogether unexpected.

Thus far the experiment continues to be a success.


Mr. Upwardly Mobile