The April 2019 Passive Income Report

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends!

In April 2019, I celebrate the birthday of the Passive Income experiment. For one year, it has wholly relied upon dividend investments.

In April 2018,when the portfolio began, it generated $0.00 that month. Indeed, the portfolio, which was really just the initial investment, was less than a tenth of its current value.

In April 2019, it generated $92.25. During an off month, it generated more than I spend on gasoline in a whole month and it only took a year to get here.

Because it’s just an off month, only PGX, PFF, and the cash in the money market account paid out.

$18.36 from PFF. $49.35 from PGX. $24.54 from the money market account.

I’m excited for the day when off months officially begin to generate more than $100/month.