The financial goals of the upwardly mobile.

Hi, I’m Mr. Up.  As part of my arbitrary middle class preconceptions about what is required to be wealthy, I’ve developed a list of random prerequisites for Mrs. Up and I to meet before we can say we’ve proven that the dream of middle class families to join the ranks of the upper class is alive and well.

These are our financial goals; they’re not based on anything other than our preconceptions and aspirations. Let’s be clear, they’re not our only goals in life.  A life focused on purely financial goals would not likely be a life worth leading.

1) Six figure income

In our view, part of being wealthy involves high income.  While Millionaires may have investment income sufficient to meet these requirements, middle class couples have to go out and earn high incomes to move up in the world.

2) At least five million dollars in an investment portfolio.

The prior goal speaks to high income, but high income cannot be the sole indicator of wealth.  After all, are you rich if you spend all of your income and accumulate nothing? There are plenty of high income individuals in this country that spend every dollar they earn and feel no security at all when life throws them a curve ball.  A large portfolio offers all the comfort and security of F-You Money.  This size portfolio is probably enough that you could live very well off the returns for the rest of your life.  Realistically, this goal is aiming for generational wealth.

3) Own a castle

Few things say wealth like owning a castle.  Whether you build a new one or buy and restore an old one, castle ownership is something that screams wealth.  It’s also something that might be completely unsustainable without sufficient wealth.

4) Freedom from debt

Debt is the enemy of wealth.  If your net worth or peace of mind are eroded by debt, you’re not wealthy.

5) Make sure that our children do not have to take out student loans to finance their educations.

An objective indicator of upward mobility is for the prior generation to improve the lot of the next generation.  If we have student loan debt, and move upward, imagine what the next generation can accomplish free from the shackles of debt servitude.

6) Travel often and lead a comfortable life.

This isn’t a blog about retiring early by embracing extreme frugality. Frugality is certainly a tool to avoid hemmoraghing money, but extreme frugality is a lifestyle choice that can involve being cheap as hell. No, this blog isn’t about financial independence through extreme frugality. Wealth without comfort defeats much of the purpose of moving on up in life. Mrs. Up and I want nice things, comfort, and a life full of exciting journeys.


These are big goals and they may take a lifetime to accomplish.  Our arbitrary challenge to ourselves is accepted.