Get free money for what you were already doing part 2…

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends,

One of my most popular blog posts ever focused on getting free cash sign up bonuses from opening an investment account. This is actually a topic that is near and dear to my heart because it focuses on getting money for doing things that I already want to or have to do.

The latest thing I want to discuss is my new favorite rewards card, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. That’s not a referral link and I get nothing for this post other than satisfaction of writing a useful post.

For me, when it comes to credit cards, what matters is that their website is good, the rewards program is good, and that I’m not paying some scam annual extra fee for the privilege of having a credit card. I don’t care about interest rates because I don’t carry balances ever.

I like the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa because it’s giving me money for what I already need to do, shop on Amazon. Mrs Upwardly Mobile and I are both full time professionals and we have a child. We have no time to shop at stores if we want to spend time with each other and baby Upwardly Mobile. We shop on amazon for groceries, pantry items, baby supplies, and random stuff we need at home. It amounts to a few thousand a year.

Just for signing up, Amazon credited our account with a $70.00 gift card. All amazon prime purchases are now getting us 5% cash back. Until recently, we got 2% cash back on every purchase. If we spent $5,000/year on amazon, then we would have gotten $100 back. Now, if we spend $5,000/year on amazon, we’re getting $250 back. That’s a hell of a lot more. There is no annual fee for Amazon Prime members.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a credit card that has no meaningful differences from other credit cards I would use except that it gave us $70 for free and it gives us a 3% more cash back on purchases we already make. The internet is full of companies offering products and services you probably use, and many of those companies will pay you for choosing them over their more or less interchangeable competitors. Take advantage of the ones that give you free money or companies will take advantage of your inertia.

Pro tip, I’m going to make some crazy good food with that free $70.00. I’m thinking a riff off a beef Wellington.


Mr. UpwardlyMobile