Consistency is king

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends,

This week I’ve been reflecting on how consistency is the key to succeeding on plans.

At work, success is principally the result of consistently managing deadlines and remaining organized. Staying in shape is the result of consistently exercising and eating right. Financial success is the result of consistently making the right choices.

As I’m dedicated to shedding my student loan debt servitude, Mrs. UpwardlyMobile and I are aiming to pay at least half of the student loan balance that we started this year with. The key is consistency.

We started this year with a 107k balance. We’ve already hammered the balance to just over $72,300.00. Every windfall, every extra unplanned for dollar, and every saved dollar goes toward attacking the balance. We’re consistent. End of year bonuses? Extra loan payment. Federal tax return? Extra loan payment. Signing bonus for a new job? Student loan payment. Cut costs by reducing our commute? Bigger payments.

We’ve paid down $25,000 in a mere three months simply by sticking to our plan for the year.

Consistency really is king. Make a plan and stick to it.