Castle ownership… a long term goal.

Greetings my upwardly mobile friends,

Mrs. Up and I dream of owning a castle. It’s one of our big life goals.

But what should a castle include?

If we build a castle, we’d want it to look like it’s been continuously inhabited over centuries, and updated over time. We don’t want to live in the 1100s, but we do want the castle to look like it was originally built over the centuries.Our building philosophy would actually match this awesome castle builder’s philosophy. If you’re building a castle, you might as well be energy efficient, comfortable, and include all the modern luxuries.

And what kind of castle would be complete without gardens, vineyards, and orchards? We envision our castle grounds as being beautiful.

If we’re going to declare ourselves wealthy one day, we’ll have to own a castle, and a portfolio that pays for it while still growing. Realistically, this is something we hope to have in our fifties. A castle with gorgeous grounds to keep and care for with our family for generations.